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Sam Cila is a Retired Staff Sergeant in The US Army. He served with The Fighting 69th in New York City, the First Cavalry Division out of Fort Hood Texas and worked in Army Special Operations.

He served combat tours in Iraq in 2004-2005. Sam has been decorated with awards for valor in combat and received a Purple Heart.

Sam enlisted with the New York National Guard after the September 11 attacks. Trained as a sniper and motivated to serve, Sam quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant. In October 2004, Sam deployed to Iraq for a year-long combat tour. On July 4, 2005, Sam was wounded in an IED blast while on patrol just outside the green Zone in Baghdad. Within days of his injury, Sam arrived at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC, where he underwent more than 40 surgeries. The severe blast wounds Sam sustained left him with limited left arm mobility and no use of his left hand, which was eventually amputated in December 2008. Sam was introduced to CAF in May 2007.

Dedication to TEAM and Selfless service has help Sam ATTACK many challenges. He is a elite level endurance athlete, 2x member of USA Para National triathlon team, Ironman World championship finisher and a high altitude mountaineer, spokesperson for Operation Rebound and Canine Companions for Independence, two organizations that support injured veterans. He currently teaches leadership and team development with The Program.

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