Victory Road offers an unparalleled, engaging and rigorous experiential team-building experience designed and led by leadership experts from our US Special Operations Community. Based on real world missions within our special operations community, our Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) will bring your corporate or athletic teams an experience that will become the core foundation of what it takes to become a great leader, a great teammate, a cohesive unit, and ultimately an extraordinary team.

Embedded within the challenges of the Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) are the leadership principles and standards your team will hear throughout our keynote sessions, breakout sessions, and workshops and has a detailed and practical debrief as the culminating event to prepare to transfer the experience and learning's back to the work environment or athletic field.

Our team of instructors will discuss the importance of rigorous and realistic training, trust and how to build it, the need for a clearly defined and communicated team mission as well as standard operating procedures, and the need to adapt to on-the ground realities to ensure mission accomplishment.

Essentially, the Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) is a group of mini challenges and obstacles that are carried out as a fire team. Every team member will be required to take the role of a fire team leader and attempt an obstacle.

The Key Principals and Standards learned through the experiential team-building experience and the topics of importance that will be highlighted include:
  • Decision Making Under Fire
  • Adaptability
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Execution Without Distraction
  • Effective Communication
  • Team Accountability
  • Team Before Self Mentality
  • Giving & Receiving Direct Feedback
  • Confidence Outside Our Comfort Zone
  • Behaviors That Work & Do Not Work
The Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) is an important component and foundation of your leadership development and team-building experience.