Judgment Day

JUDGMENT DAY: Building A Championship Culture

Victory Road and The Program have partnered up to bring our student athletes an experience that will become the core and foundation of what it takes to become a great leader both on and off the field of play and resonate with them for a lifetime. Judgment Day is the flagship service of The Program and is a customized, two-day intensive leadership development and team building program that pushes athletes outside of their mental and physical comfort zones and trains them to achieve success through improved leadership and coordinated team effort.

Day 1 focuses on challenging an athlete’s tendency to rely on personal individuality and talent. This involves pushing each individual to the limits of his or her capabilities in order to drive home the core message that talent is not sufficient to win the day.

With this lesson fresh in their minds, on Day 2 athletes are presented with a new set of challenges and given objectives that can only be accomplished through the exercise of peer leadership and coordinated team effort. Through these exercises, the athletes are trained both to lead and follow, and to practice a team-before-self mentality when facing adversity.

THE PROGRAM MISSION: Develop Better Leaders and More Cohesive Teams

The Program was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing professional, collegiate and high school athletic teams with the best leadership development and team building services in the country.

The Program believes in personal development, leadership development, and team building through shared adversity. Experience has shown that we only grow as individuals and as a team when we are outside of our comfort zone.

While Judgment Day can often be intensely physical, the Program is not a strength and conditioning company. They do not seek to build bigger, faster, stronger, and more talented individuals - rather, they seek to build better leaders and more cohesive teams. Talent may win individual games, but good leadership and teamwork enables teams to compete at the highest level of competition.

The objective at The Program is to help athletes understand and internalize this reality, and in doing so take their leadership and teamwork skills to the championship level.

THE PROGRAM APPROACH: The Experience of Shared Adversity

The Program believes that while better leadership and team cohesion can be taught in the classroom, these skills can only be developed through the experience of shared adversity. Athletes do not start becoming better leaders or teammates until they are pushed outside of their comfort zones. It is precisely in such intensely challenging moments, when individual talent is not enough to carry the day, that the opportunity arises to learn, practice and ultimately internalize better leadership and teamwork skills.

The Program doesn’t just teach these skills, they develop them! Each exercise is intentionally designed to create an environment of shared adversity. Mission success is dependent on athletes providing leadership to one another and working together towards a common objective. This experiential, hands-on approach achieves on-the-field results for teams that would simply be impossible in a classroom-only setting.



We are good team leaders and good teammates, and we prepare ourselves every day to fill either role.


  • We are physically and mentally tough.
  • We don’t make excuses and we don’t let others make excuses for us.
  • We work hard! And at The Program, working hard means we do ONE MORETM!


The team at The Program consists of world-class former special operations warriors and elite athletes. Through The Program’s rigorous selection process and uncompromising standards, they have assembled the best team of instructors possible to meet the demanding requirements of the professional, collegiate and high school athletic teams they work with across the country.

Each instructor and team member at The Program has the rigorous background, skills, and personal intensity necessary to work with elite athletes and help them improve their leadership and teamwork at the highest levels of competition while effectively challenging the athletes to become better leaders and teammates on their respective fields of battle.

The ONE MORE Philosophy

At The Program, athletes are trained not merely to lead and work together as a team, but also to constantly improve in their ability to do so. The Program emphasizes the importance of becoming “that much better” each and every day, and have adopted the company slogan ONE MORE to reinforce this message. In order to compete for championships, teams must not only embrace the values of leadership and teamwork, but must also be committed to continually taking these skills to the next level.