About Us


VICTORY ROAD is devoted to The Passion To Lead. We believe leadership empowers all possibilities, it empowers performance and it accelerates people. Success comes at the intersection of ideas and experiences. So we set out to create a forum where great minds share great ideas, great experiences, and great knowledge because we understand that everything you want in life will collide with everything standing in your way. Life is the great gymnasium where we all come to make history. So you simply have two choices…make history or be history. And that road to victory begins right here.


The Victory Road Speaker Series is presented four times a year and creates a unique platform that brings together three driving forces of innovation to one single stage – Leadership Development, Overcoming Adversity and Performance.

With Education, Global Business, and Elite Sports Performance at the forefront of its mission, the Victory Road Leadership Speaker Series brings together an extraordinary community of passionate and highly motivated young men and women from schools across the region and immerses them with the world’s most fascinating leaders, world-changing thinkers and boundary pushers gathered together in a setting designed to inspire, motivate, educate and challenge you.


Carefully curated and filled with integrity, opinion, and fresh content, with an emphasis on shaking things up and challenging convention, this Series has inspiration, thinking, and intelligence at its core. It will encourage debate, enthuse, excite, inspire, ask questions, and look for real outcomes.

Expect brilliant ideas and opinions and plenty of insightful audience interaction during our in depth interviews and Q & A sessions from some of the world’s most respected voices who are changing the global leadership agendas in education, business, government, and sports.

The 2016-2017 Speaker Series takes on the theme ‘Breaking Boundaries Beyond Expectations’ and highlights the compelling stories of some of the world’s most influential and dynamic leaders and ground breaking innovators who have made profound, amazing leaps, often facing great adversity, while building a winning culture and cultivating new leaders. These fascinating men and women will share their personal experiences expanding their reach and influence empowering all those around them so we all can continue to successfully evolve as leaders playing an important role in changing the world.

You will network, share, discuss, and learn from each other while in the company of other inspiring and aspiring men and woman who come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, yet all have one common goal…the passion to lead beyond expectations.